Summary track record

ICT consultant / project manager/ developer

 January 2011– Present

- Development  ultra low power battery operated domotica motion sensor, system based on Atmega328 processor.

- Development of a prototype smartmeter monitoring system/module. Functions: Embedded web server annex data logger, providing real time and statistical data of electricity- and gas usage. Data export via usb-port, and/or internet connection using Wifi-based ftp-data transfer. Technologies: Esp8266 and GHI Electronics embedded board (ARM processor).

- Development of a video processing system for conversion of super-8 movies. to video. Interfaces with USB-camera, DC-motor and sensors. Video-processing and videostorage software based on in house developed .NET application. Technologies interface: GHI Electronics embedded board (ARM processor).

-- Municipality Zaanstad: Projectmanagement e-harbours project (smart grid research project). Overall project management, responsible for planning, online documentation archive, and support for 6 EU-member projectpartners.

- Municipality Amsterdam: Executing calculations on the potential business cases for electric mobility 

- Vito Belgium: Project leader for the development and roll out of Smart Grid applications for industrial applications. As project manager involved in executing more than 30, so called demand side response audits, i.e. inventories on flexibility of electricity consumers and generators, to become part of a so called Virtual power plant. These studies were made in an industrial area of the port of Antwerp. See also: Showcase port of Antwerp.

- Municipality Amsterdam: Writing a brochure for Gemeente Amsterdam as part of a tender for project "Smart Marina Amstelkwartier", in the centre of Amsterdam. This brochure contains models or concepts of Smart Grid implementations for a small harbour for electrical leasure boats. See also: Tender-jachthaven  and Showcase Amsterdam electric boating

- Municipality Zaanstad: as part of a tender proces, writing a user requirement and basic technical-design for a demonstration project on a Smart Grid application. The project comprises the integration of electrical vehicles in a parking area, a solar cel installation, and wind turbines. See also: Showcase Zaanstad .

- Tocardo International BV: writing of a system specification and basic design for a "SCADA and control system" for hydro turbine power applications. See also:


Team leader / project manager

2000– 2011
Team leader of the software and electrical engineering group at ECN Petten.
Project manager/lead engineer of "Smart Grid" projects:
Project leader, design and development of distributed real time measurement systems to perform measurements on wind turbines.
Design and realization of embedded systems based on Windows CE and several types microprocessors.
Design and realization of data acquisition and control systems (SCADA PLC) for fuel cell and fossil fuel installations

Project lead engineer

Project management, design and realization of hardware and software for measurement systems of nuclear experiments at the HFR Petten.
Drawing of a requirements specification document for a heater-experiment at a “boom”-clay mine in Belgium.
Project manager and reviewer of the software-architecture of a monitoring system for nuclear reactor.

Developer data-acquisition and control systems

1986– 2010
Project leadership, design and development of a distributed real time measurement systems to perform measurements on wind turbines.
Design and realization of embedded systems.
Design and development of a distributed measurement system to perform measurements on a nuclear waste facility at the Asse salt mine in Braunschweig Germany.
Design and realization of data acquisition systems for executing research on fuel cell and fossil fuel installations.
Design and realization of embedded systems based on VME/OS9, SoftPLC program environment, field busses (CAN-bus en Profibus, Lonworks).
Design and development of numerous embedded systems, instrumentation interfaces, and implementation of protocols based on field bus systems.


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