Being inspired by science and technology, I was an enthusiastic follower of the latest developments in the field of science, space- , and civil aviation. Electronics was my first passion, starting as a youngster, building my own radio receiver from scratch. Later on I started developing equipment based on micro computers and embedded software. Technology was the red thread throughout my career, and the foundation for my occupations as a professional.
I am available as project manager/ team-leader and/or consultant, providing allround project management. Also available as designer and developer of embedded-, data-acquisition- and industrial PLC-SCADA control systems. Specialised in industrial automation: system integration, instrumentation, process control hardware and software for energy control- and process control systems, and embedded systems, based on a 25 years experience in energy research, as developer, projectmanager and team-leader.
Capable to provide on-time, on-budget, and quality designs, to be delivered to customer requirements. Based on engineering best practices, design guidelines, standard engineering, processes and tools. Familiair with capacity planning, and recommendations to management. Provide technical expertise across multiple disciplines, provide applications support for proposals. I am familiair with reviewing and writing of technical investigations,  and composing of energy research proposals.
I have a practical attitude, capable to work independently  but also in project teams. Proactive, result-oriented, and show empathy in solving problems of a customer.